Digital Art

      Along with music, I also have a strong passion for creating visual/ digital art. My many influences can be traced back to expressionism, post-internet, glitch, and impressionism. The main focus of the work I have been creating lately has revolved around post-internet and glitch art as I find it incredibly fascinating. From what I understand, we are all living in a profound time for technology and innovation which bleeds into the art that is created in this era of the internet. The internet has become so commonplace and mundane that we have entered an artistic era called "post-internet" which I believe is still in its infancy. 

      Since 2018, I have created art under the moniker Machine PNG which I also use to release electronic music. The inspiration for this project came from the idea of constantly producing music/ art in large quantities in the same way a machine does. In the long term, I would like to contribute as much as I can to the world of digital art and electronic music through my work since it has brought me so much joy up to this point.